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OK, fist thing to know about it is that writing is a field for people with mad imagination. Writer must collaborate with all the other team (especially when we speak of computer games development) to be ready to support them storywise anytime they birng something new to the desk. You want your main hero to climb walls? Fine, your writer will come up with a story of magic forged claws or gloves with extra powerful electric magnets on fingertips. Writing for games makes you keep in mind that games are storybased to a differnent extent - if Dragon Age or Baldur's Gate playing process is just similar to reading a book, for Hearthstone and for thousands of other logical games a game designer handles everything himself or asks for a little writer's help. Same should work for movies - something tells me the the "Dark Knight" took much more effort than "Machete"))) Action parts are still mostly up to a director.

A writer must read a lot. He must be acquianted with popular books, movies and music at least because quotes help to animate characters' speech. The characters' direct speech is quite a challenge, it is a sign of writer's skill. If you manage to make the speech life-like and keep it stylistically fit for a current project you'll hit a valuable target - it will draw a player/reader/viewer into narration. But don't forget - that's just one of the tools.

Another hint - play with unexpected. If your storyline will be straight as an arrow, it has a little chance to be remembered by somebody. But if you have a problem with that - just make the story bright. There are enough popular books with predictable events (take "Forgotten Realms" series as an example) but still nice to read - there are bright characters and bright colors.

One last thing for today is dramatism. I've seen many young authors who describe huge tragic events like genocides, massive alien attacks and they stake on it but it never helps them. Why?

The real drama is not about the scale. It is about sympathy. Drama must touch the thinnest strings that are hidden inside everyone's soul. From my recent experience: in Mass Effect 3, Shepard enjoys the peaceful picture of a child playing on a playground on a sunny day. Then aliens attack the Earth, everybody is evacuating and when Shepard's ship is slowly gaining height, the hero sees the boy gettimng into a shuttle. Shepard breathes a sigh of relief and just in this very minute the shuttle gets hit by a deadly ray of alien ship. That was a very touching scene. There was a contrast of large scale event and a personal tragedy, and a crash of a symbol at the same time.

That's it for now but I promise to tell more in future))

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Hey great post! That's a great scene in ME3. That series has great characters and really well thought out universe. I particularly like Mordin, Grunt, and Legion in ME3.

I think a key part of game writing is integrating the story and mechanics. When a core mechanic is enforced with meaning it becomes more real.

Great examples are.

Shadow of the Colossus
Brothers: A tale of two sons (just started this one)
Most of the Zelda series

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