2013 was a pretty good year for Mad Science!

I wanted to share all that we've accomplished. It should have been a bigger year but it was kind of a weird one. I had to spend a lot of this year doing freelance work and hunting for the perfect job. (Still no luck, but I have lots of things in the works.)


  • We got a logo and a brand identity!

  • The dev-blog started early this year and it's rapidly growing! It's nearly doubling in views every month since it started in February.

  • The old forum just died on us, so we had to move to this one. I'm happy about the move!

  • The game design for ToT was repeatedly refined. On paper the game feels like it's easy to pick up and play but it has limitless strategic depth. I've figured out the complete card list with initial stats for most of them and the way levels play out has become vastly more interesting and dynamic.

  • The visuals for ToT were seriously revamped. This includes a new UI that is the best I've ever done and the whole thing feels super metal.

  • I began writing a ToT theme song! I have vocals and riffs. I tried to do something like Metal Church - Metal Church but I think it'll end up faster and thrashier than that song. I'll sing and play everything. Drums will probably need to be digital because I can't fit drums in my apartment.

  • We are on most social media!

  • Curtis Joined the team! He's a smart programmer with a strong desire to make some great games.

  • Cybattle was designed and began production. We ran into some difficulty with how Unity works with MMOs and it began to feel like working against the grain. We decided to put the project on hold for now and focus on a few very small and simple titles. Hopefully this will see the light of day a few years from now because it's an excellent idea with tons of potential for fun and profit.

  • We have a few things in the works and something should be released in 2014.

  • We do work in the industry! I have been working is a freelance artist and game designer under the Mad Science name.

  • I made some business cards. Next year I plan on attending more gaming events in the name of Mad Science!


Here's the plan for 2014!

  • Hopeful a release of an alpha build for ToT! This build would include the test level and many of the games cards and enemies.  Target date is Halloween. It should represent near finished quality. There are a few paths we may take to get this out. The game may show up on kickstarter in 2014.

  • The release of one or two unannounced games that we have been tinkering with.

  • Two mock-up screenshots that represent ToT's final visuals. (expect that in the next few weeks!)

  • Fully record and mix a few ToT music tracks!

  • Further improving itsmadscience.com. The web design has gotten much better but there is still a long way to go. In particular it needs to be more spaced out, it's a little crammed right now.

  • Updating the ToT site with finished graphics, new screens, and new information.

  • Publish ToT card and enemy information on it's wiki. (and make that wiki cool.)

  • Updating this forum's CSS with colors that match our branding. Add a super cool banner graphic at the top.

  • Get the dev-blog to 10,000 unique visitors a month.

  • Do a bunch of paperwork to make things super official.

  • Acquire a really snappy new domain name that we have reserved.

  • Show off ToT at one of the monthly NYC demo nights.

  • Get this forum buzzing again!

  • Get an active social media following.

Ok I think that's it! 2014 will be awesome!

Welcome to the new forum! So after updated the main site earlier this week, I had the forum on my list.  This is something I should have done like last year, so my apologies for that.

Anyway after finding the forum just not working earlier today (seems like it's having a hard time loading some of the files.) I decided it's time to put the effort in and make the move.

Also!!! There is a new team member, Curtis. Hopefully he will be showing his face around here soon.

Also new game! Cybattle! You can see it over on the game's page http://www.itsmadscience.com/games/ This game will be a free to play multi-player game where you play as a future space cyborg and must kill other cyborgs.

Tyrant is still active but Cybattle is my focus. We should have something playable in the next few months.

Expect me to be posting pretty much daily from now on.